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Racks and containers for holding candy come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Common options include wire racks, wall mounted racks, countertop containers, and floor stands. Wire racks are great for displaying a variety of different types of candy, while wall mounted racks are great for saving counter space. Countertop containers are ideal for storing a few types of candy, while floor stands are perfect for displaying a large selection of candy in one place. No matter the type of rack or container, customers can find one to suit their needs.

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Easter Cross Sampler, Jelly Bean Tin & Cross Pop Set
  • $63.80
Clear Plastic Tub
  • $8.00

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Strawberry, Cappuccino, Orange, Peach, Blueberry, Butter & Chocolate Multipack Floor Shipper, 96 Bags
  • $336.00
Empty Pocket Tin Counter Rack
  • $20.00
Empty Combo Counter Rack
  • $30.00
Gift Card
  • From $10.00
Easter Sampler Jelly Bean Tin & Butterfly Pop Set
  • $75.80
Empty Spinner Rack
  • $150.00
Easter Sampler 3 Pack, Jelly Bean Tin, Cross Pop & Butterfly Pop
  • $99.68

Sold out

Strawberry, Orange & Butter Multipack Floor Shipper, 96 Bags
  • $336.00
Cappuccino, Peach, Blueberry, & Chocolate Multipack Floor Shipper, 96 Bags
  • $336.00