The Scripture Candy Story

In 1991, while listening to "Focus on the Family” on the radio doing a program on the occults and Halloween, GOD gave me the inspiration about turning a pagan holiday into something to glorify GOD. Since we give out candy as "treats" during the holiday, if we could wrap the “Word” around the candy, every piece we gave out would have the possibility of planting a seed in a person's life. Thus creating our tagline “Reaching The World One Piece At A Time."                                                      

For the next 5 years as I made several attempts to find a company to produce the candy, GOD opened doors for me with the Christian businessmen who were in companies who would inspire me. It didn't produce the results I had hoped for, but it brought me closer to the goal and gave me enough hope to continue on the Journey. 

As faith would have it, one day in 1996, I picked up some candy from a company called "Bobs Candies, Inc." I immediately contacted the company and told them of my quest and they were very responsive. GOD already had everyone in place at "Bobs Candies, Inc." to provide me with the knowledge of the business where I was weak. The vision became a reality with their help. The whole meaning behind "Scripture Candy, Inc." is to plant the seed of the “Word” in everyone throughout the world. So, ask everyone that you come in contact with if they would like a piece of "Scripture Candy" because that might be the next person the angels rejoice over in Heaven for coming to know Christ as their personal Savior.

Brian E. Adkins - Founder / Owner